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We have unique assessment program understanding the need of student at every stage. We help students understand, evaluate and realize which career is best suited for them based on their aptitude, multiple intelligence, interests, priorities, study habits, learning style, adjustment levels, ambition & thought process.


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Careerfutura does career counselling in a new and innovative method. We offer a holistic view on Career guidance through an excellent online career counselling. With over 25000 courses careers and colleges to choose from, students right from 8th standard to working professionals can benefit from the products. The essential answer to career confusions is given by considering one’s natural potential, personality, interest and study habits, apart from marks scoring trends in the last three academic years. The design principle being, an individual can succeed in their career only if the job profile is as per their natural attributes. If the individual studies a course without the ability to match, interest to pursue, personality to suit the job profile, marks to support the decision , the success probability therefore, goes down considerably. Careerfutura, thus aims at providing right guidance at the right stage for the right questions. The tools are the new age centric tools, like career assessment test made online, career bank includes global and new careers and many more of such initiatives.

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  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified to ensure quality deliverance.
  • Reputed organizations have encouraged and motivated us on the excellent application and results of the product, Science and Technology Park being one of them.


What is Career Assessment?

Career assessment is a process of assessing your interests, skills, personality traits, and values. ... Career assessments allow you to see how high you score in various careers based on your answers to questions pertaining to your interests, skills, personality traits, and values

What makes Careerfutura unique?

We have a robust network of 200 expert counsellors in more than 130 locations pan India.Based on research and educational psychology studies done on 1 million+ students, we have scientifically designed our assessments modules. These tools have been developed in consultation with the leading educationists, to ensure the most comprehensive, effective & holistic assessment.

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